Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dummy Camera Self Defense Products

Businesses and families on a budget often forgo using self defense products because they assume these are unaffordable. In reality, some of the best self defense items like pepper spray and even tasers are very inexpensive. One of the latest products to hit the market is a dummy camera that sells for approximately $20 and is extremely effective.

Self defense weapons will not be needed if the home or business can deter intruders from entering. An imitation security camera is designed using the same parts present in its real counterpart. A flashing red light indicates that an individual is being observed and helps to deter criminals. The light is even motion-activated, adding to the realism. It turns on when a person comes within a nine-foot range.

Making things even more realistic is the rotational feature of the camera. The unit moves back and forth, simulating the movement of an authentic surveillance camera. This camera is mounted on a wall using an included bracket and can be used outdoors or indoors. Three AA batteries are required for operation of the light and movement, making operation costs much lower than a real security camera.

We all know the saying that the best defense is a good offense. Dummy cameras are self defense products that take an aggressive stand when it comes to security. They are inexpensive enough to fit the budget and provide a measure of security to a residence or commercial building. By placing several throughout the area, intruders will be deterred.

Self defense products like a dummy camera feature a low price tag and provide a great feeling of comfort to the user. Would-be burglars or other criminals will have no idea that the product is not actually recording their movements. They will see the flashing light and camera movement and stay far away from the home or business.


Ralph Johnson said...

A dummy camera just like that is perfect as a deterrent against thieves and its inexpensive compared to a real CCTV.
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Bryan Johnson said...

I agree with your post that security camera is the best to protect us form any type of criminal activities.
Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable post.

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ThirdEye Vision said...

I think you are right bcoz security is first needed for your home and business. So Install Dummy Security Camera into your home.

Gunner Jacky said...

This is really interesting idea but then I never thought about this idea. For me Defense was always about physical training and guns. I had my licensing from the MA Gun License and this simply helped me in making things really helpful for all of all of us in the past. Hope so that your idea will help too.