Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Increase Safety, Purchase And Learn To Use A C2 Taser For Sale

Safety should always be at the forefront of everyone’s mind and various self defense products are sold online and in stores. One of these is the C2 taser for sale on the Web sites of companies like Self Defense ATL and at home, boat, and gun shows throughout the metropolitan U.S. This product is available for private purchase and prices start at just $300.

After making the decision to buy C2 taser, an individual should understand how the product works. Though purchasing a C2 taser for sale is a wise move, improper use will not provide adequate self defense. Learning how to operate the product requires first reading the owner’s manual and instructions included with the product. A training DVD is also packaged with the item, so buyers should review that as many times as necessary to gain a comfort level with operation.

The C2 taser for sale is powered by a Lithium battery that should last for approximately 50 firings. Users begin assembly by removing the magazine cartridge, then loading the battery cartridge. After the battery cartridge is loaded, the magazine cartridge can then be reinserted. A green light appears on the device once the battery cartridge is charged. Users should then close the safety switch, point the device in a safe direction, remove the air cartridge cover, and load the air cartridge. A clicking sound indicates that the air cartridge is properly locked in place.

Using the C2 taser for sale requires holding it vertically as if it were a handgun, opening the safety switch cover, and pressing the firing button. When using one of the models with a laser sight, the laser should be aimed where the top probe is desired to land. The face, groin, neck, and head area should be avoided whenever possible. It is recommended that users remain seven to ten feet, and no more than 15 feet, from an attacker when firing this device.

After purchasing a C2 taser for sale, users should do some practice firing to get comfortable with its operation. An additional security measure provided by this device if the cartridges run out is the drive stun back up. This allows the individual to disable the attacker by directly applying the stun gun into his or her skin.