Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Self Defense Products Are Life-Savers For Many People

Personal and home protection are very important no matter how safe the individual may feel. Self defense products can be a lifesaver for a person in any dangerous situation. Just because individuals have managed to stay safe until now does not mean that danger will not find them in the future.

Self defense products such as stun guns and tasers are useful against an attacker when the victim is in a parking lot. Not all parking lots have proper lighting and even those that do may allow an assailant to hide under the victim’s car. Individuals who find themselves in a confrontation with an attacker can use these products to temporarily incapacitate the person.

Home protection allows the individual to feel secure even within the confines of the residence. One product recommended for this purpose is a door brace that will keep intruders out. This item works on both sliding and hinged doors and extends to fit doors of almost any size. Many braces collapse so they can be packed in a suitcase and used during a hotel stay.

A wireless home security system is an inexpensive alternative to the commercially monitored version. When motion is detected or a door or window is opened, an alarm sounds and the system automatically dials as many as five pre-set telephone numbers. Call recipients can broadcast their own voices through the unit, listen in on what is going on, or disarm the system.

Pepper spray is one of the self defense products that can be used either at home or on the go. It comes in the form of a pen or in a holster that can be attached to a keychain. There is even a ring that emits the burning liquid into the eyes of an unknowing intruder. This and the other products mentioned above are just a small sampling of what is available.