Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do Stun Guns Work? Watch and Learn

I regularly appear at trade shows to demonstrate how Tasers and stun guns work. Back in March a nice young man allowed himself to get a “taste” of what a small civilian model stun gun does. See for yourself via our Youtube channel.

That was just a little jolt to the hand but it was enough to get a healthy looking guy to double over. Aside from proving that stun guns are effective, this video includes a couple of insights about how they work, and how to best apply them.

First of all, notice how I pressed into his hand? You want to do the same whenever you’re called on to defend yourself. A stun gun is an amazing self defense product but it isn’t a ray gun. You want the electrical discharge to penetrate as deeply as possible, through skin and clothing. Thick clothing may impede the discharge but it won’t necessarily stop it. Nevertheless, press hard and aim for exposed areas.

Second, I went for this gentleman’s hand because the extremities are the least serious body parts to target – but the stun gun still works pretty well. In a self-defense situation you might aim for the neck, upper leg or the spot where the hip meets the torso, but if you’re being grabbed you can attack the arms and work your way in to the torso until you’re free to escape. This makes stun guns excellent for smaller individuals who have been grabbed, since an effective shock to the arm can persuade an attacker to let go.

If you want to buy stun guns and have any questions, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.