Friday, September 4, 2009

Learn About TASERs on Youtube

We’ve been steadily adding new content to our Self Defense Products Youtube Account. Right now our primary focus is on the TASERs and Stun Guns we sell through our site. Our CEO David Brackman regularly attends gun shows to tell people about how TASERs work, how to use them, the law, and TASER International’s consumer policies.

We’ve combined several of Dave’s segments into a TASER Guide playlist. All of this material is culled from conversations Dave has with ordinary, interested Americans. That’s our core clientele. Dave does talk to security professionals and other people with a career-driven, above average interest in self-protection, but at Self Defense ATL we work hard to cater to regular folks.

We’re not alone, either. That’s why TASER International created the C2 TASER to cater to this growing niche. More and more Americans want less-lethal options for self defense. This need bridges the gap between popular opinions on self-protection and is common to both those who don’t feel comfortable owning a firearm and people who enthusiastically exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Dave’s talks on the C2 emphasize the features that are specifically designed for civilian use – the product isn’t just about style. For example, the unit releases paper with its serial number to ensure easy tracking by police and even uses a different electrical cycle designed to help users escape instead of closing and arresting in the way a police TASER supports.

Dave’s ability to communicate with people from all walks of life is what we think separates him from other presenters and salespeople, particularly online. So come visit!