Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Protect Your Family While On Vacation With Self Defense Products

Summer is the perfect time for a family vacation. Children are out of school and parents work hard throughout the year, saving their vacation days to use during the warm weather. When packing for vacation, self defense products should be included. The home should also be protected during the time the family is traveling.

The media is full of horror stories about families who were abducted while driving to a vacation spot. Had they had self defense products in the vehicle, they may not have met such an unfortunate fate. Pepper spray comes in many sizes and styles, including a well-disguised pen and ring. This spray may also come in handy when the vacationer is jogging or camping.

Stun guns are for those who are very serious about self defense. When activated, these deliver enough voltage to render an attacker useless long enough for a victim to escape to safety. Having a cell phone or flashlight shaped stun gun in the car will make any family feel safe without looking like vigilantes. Rechargeable models ensure that the gun is ready for action whenever needed.

Adventurous families often head to a cabin on a lake or a peaceful campground to enjoy the outdoors during summer. They are often not the only inhabitants of this environment, sharing the land with local animals. Unfortunately, some of these creatures are less happy about this than others. Bears can be quite unfriendly, especially when they are hungry, so bear pepper spray should always be on hand.

While the family is away on vacation, the home is uninhabited. Adding self defense products designed for the household, such as a dummy camera and barking dog alarm, will deter anyone from breaking into the residence. When the family arrives home safe and sound, the house will be in the same shape as it was left.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Driveway Patrol A Great Family Self Defense Product

Stun guns and pepper spray are two self defense products that people can carry with them when away from home. What about when they are in the house? If they do not have a guard dog, who or what is going to alert them of impending harm? The Driveway Patrol is one product that performs this task, is low-cost, and is easy to install.

This wireless motion detector is placed near the entrance to the doorway or driveway. When something passes by the transmitter, the receiver sounds an appealing chime. Not only can it alert residents of the home about a visitor headed their way, it can serve as a child monitor. If children are not permitted to venture past the doorway or driveway when playing, this will let parents know if they do.

The maximum range between the indoor receiver and outdoor transmitter is 400 feet. The sensor on the outdoor transmitter picks up a car or person coming within 20 feet. When the receiver inside chimes, the resident can look to see whether the visitor is friend or foe. This provides homeowners with enough time to dial 911 if an intruder is approaching.

At a cost of under $30 and requiring only one nine-volt and three C batteries, self defense products like this are budget-friendly. Consumers may want to purchase a second unit for the back door, especially if the home borders on a wooded area. It can be difficult to see someone approaching from this direction, especially at night.

As wireless self defense products go, the Driveway Patrol is a popular product. Motion activation is an excellent way to identify an approaching intruder. The small size of the outdoor transmitter makes it inconspicuous. Only the person inside the home will hear the chime and can then take appropriate action.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Sampling of Self Defense Products for Home Protection

It is important that we feel safe within our own homes. Self defense products for home protection keep us secure while within our homes and keep our residences safe when we are not there. These include items like alarms, motion sensors, and dummy cameras. Installing one or more of these in our homes may be all it takes to make us feel an added level of security at all times.

One of the popular self defense products for home protection is the driveway patrol. This is a wireless motion detector installed near a doorway or driveway entrance. When something passes within the 20-foot range of the transmitter, the receiver emits a pleasant sound. In addition to serving as a security device against intruders, it is suitable for families with small children.

A door guard alarm is a portable unit that contains a shock sensor alarm. Its movable feature allows it to be used at home, work, or while traveling without any installation. The smallest vibration is detected and when the alarm is activated, a 98 decibel alert sounds for 20 to 30 seconds, then resets itself. Alarm sensitivity is adjusted with a screwdriver and the product features a flashlight.

When homeowners are away, the auto dialer security and safety alarm keeps watch. This self defense product is a passive infrared motion monitoring system. If movement in the area is detected, a 105 decibel security alarm emits and the auto dialer calls up to five preset telephone numbers selected by the user. Chime mode is suitable for a store, with a chime emitting when motion is detected.

Door braces, alarms that detect glass breakages, and a door stop alarm are other popular self defense products for home protection. In addition, individuals can find personal defense products like stun guns and self defense sprays, like pepper spray. These items can be kept by the bedside for easy access during an intruder situation.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dummy Camera Self Defense Products

Businesses and families on a budget often forgo using self defense products because they assume these are unaffordable. In reality, some of the best self defense items like pepper spray and even tasers are very inexpensive. One of the latest products to hit the market is a dummy camera that sells for approximately $20 and is extremely effective.

Self defense weapons will not be needed if the home or business can deter intruders from entering. An imitation security camera is designed using the same parts present in its real counterpart. A flashing red light indicates that an individual is being observed and helps to deter criminals. The light is even motion-activated, adding to the realism. It turns on when a person comes within a nine-foot range.

Making things even more realistic is the rotational feature of the camera. The unit moves back and forth, simulating the movement of an authentic surveillance camera. This camera is mounted on a wall using an included bracket and can be used outdoors or indoors. Three AA batteries are required for operation of the light and movement, making operation costs much lower than a real security camera.

We all know the saying that the best defense is a good offense. Dummy cameras are self defense products that take an aggressive stand when it comes to security. They are inexpensive enough to fit the budget and provide a measure of security to a residence or commercial building. By placing several throughout the area, intruders will be deterred.

Self defense products like a dummy camera feature a low price tag and provide a great feeling of comfort to the user. Would-be burglars or other criminals will have no idea that the product is not actually recording their movements. They will see the flashing light and camera movement and stay far away from the home or business.

Monday, January 31, 2011

With Jogger Pepper Spray, Be Protected While Running Or Walking

Pepper sprays are just one of the many effective self defense products on the market. It comes in various forms, including a pen, key-chain, and lipstick model, each of which is compact and convenient to use. Individuals desiring protection when they walk or run should consider purchasing jogger pepper spray. They will literally have self defense in the palms of their hands.

The jogger pepper spray product is designed with the outdoor athlete in mind. It features a Velcro strap that can be wrapped around the hand. Runners and walkers do not need to wear clothing with pockets because they can hold on to this device while they are out for a jog or stroll. No longer will they need to limit their outdoor jaunts to daylight hours or the safest neighborhoods in town.

Of course, it is always wise to be cautious whenever one is outside the home. Runners and walkers should not invite danger but if they buy pepper spray, they know they will be prepared if it finds them. The jogger pepper spray emits an eight to twelve foot spray of liquid that burns the eyes. With 18 grams per unit, joggers can get ten one-second bursts of spray from each container.

Since the device is so compact, an attacker will not be aware of its presence until it is too late. By that time, the victim will have sprayed the attacker in the eyes, temporarily disabling his or her vision. This will give the victim time to escape to safety and contact the authorities regarding the situation.

Self defense products like jogger pepper spray enable people to go through their normal routines without fear. Runners and walkers can hold this unit in their hands during outdoor exercise. At all times, they will be prepared to fend off an attacker with the debilitating spray, fleeing to safety and notifying police.