Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Driveway Patrol A Great Family Self Defense Product

Stun guns and pepper spray are two self defense products that people can carry with them when away from home. What about when they are in the house? If they do not have a guard dog, who or what is going to alert them of impending harm? The Driveway Patrol is one product that performs this task, is low-cost, and is easy to install.

This wireless motion detector is placed near the entrance to the doorway or driveway. When something passes by the transmitter, the receiver sounds an appealing chime. Not only can it alert residents of the home about a visitor headed their way, it can serve as a child monitor. If children are not permitted to venture past the doorway or driveway when playing, this will let parents know if they do.

The maximum range between the indoor receiver and outdoor transmitter is 400 feet. The sensor on the outdoor transmitter picks up a car or person coming within 20 feet. When the receiver inside chimes, the resident can look to see whether the visitor is friend or foe. This provides homeowners with enough time to dial 911 if an intruder is approaching.

At a cost of under $30 and requiring only one nine-volt and three C batteries, self defense products like this are budget-friendly. Consumers may want to purchase a second unit for the back door, especially if the home borders on a wooded area. It can be difficult to see someone approaching from this direction, especially at night.

As wireless self defense products go, the Driveway Patrol is a popular product. Motion activation is an excellent way to identify an approaching intruder. The small size of the outdoor transmitter makes it inconspicuous. Only the person inside the home will hear the chime and can then take appropriate action.