Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get to Know a C2 Taser

The C2 Taser represents a step forward in personal protection technology. Tasers are well known law enforcement tools and some civilians have purchased police models for personal defense, but the C2 is the first model that is specifically designed as a civilian self defense product.

The C2 is useful because it adjusts well-known Taser capabilities for civilian use and adds additional features to make it an ideal piece of personal protection gear. Let’s break these down:

Probe Mode: Like other Tasers, a C2 will shoot a probe that, when it strikes its target, delivers an incapacitating charge. C2 Tasers maintain the shock for a longer period that police models because their intent is to allow the user to flee while the attacker is incapacitated. Once used in this mode, the C2 releases paper strips containing the Taser’s serial number so that police can easily trace the weapon and understand the chain of events.

Drive Stun: C2 Tasers also feature a Drive Stun mode for close range use. In Drive Stun, the Taser doesn’t incapacitate but it does dissuade attackers by inflicting pain and shock on par with many other stun gun models. Keep in mind that the Taser is larger than many of these, so if you’d like an easier to carry solution it’s a better idea to buy stun guns that are smaller – but remember that you need the Taser for ranged personal defense.

Ergonomic Form Factor: Police Tasers are modeled on firearms because police have extensive training in their use, making it easy to transfer the same accuracy and reflexive response to a less lethal alternative. The civilian model doesn’t require this kind of experience, and is modeled on the basic form of a number of household objects – remote controls, hand vacuums and other objects people handle every day – to make it easy to use. The ergonomic handle also allows for use by people with a variety of hand sizes. Furthermore, as the C2 Taser is designed to be dropped so allow escape, the handle design supports this without requiring further disengagement from a handle or guard.

Free Replacement: If you ever lose a C2 Taser in the course of using it to protect yourself, Taser International will replace the weapon for free as long as you submit a copy of the applicable police report. This policy supports the strategy behind the C2 Taser’s use: Activate it, abandon it, escape and report!

These features are designed to ensure that you’ll have no hesitation about using your C2 Taser in situations for which it’s intended. Used as intended, it can not only be very effective, but work hand in hand with law enforcement efforts. Visit us to find out more or purchase your own.

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