Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Protect Your Family While On Vacation With Self Defense Products

Summer is the perfect time for a family vacation. Children are out of school and parents work hard throughout the year, saving their vacation days to use during the warm weather. When packing for vacation, self defense products should be included. The home should also be protected during the time the family is traveling.

The media is full of horror stories about families who were abducted while driving to a vacation spot. Had they had self defense products in the vehicle, they may not have met such an unfortunate fate. Pepper spray comes in many sizes and styles, including a well-disguised pen and ring. This spray may also come in handy when the vacationer is jogging or camping.

Stun guns are for those who are very serious about self defense. When activated, these deliver enough voltage to render an attacker useless long enough for a victim to escape to safety. Having a cell phone or flashlight shaped stun gun in the car will make any family feel safe without looking like vigilantes. Rechargeable models ensure that the gun is ready for action whenever needed.

Adventurous families often head to a cabin on a lake or a peaceful campground to enjoy the outdoors during summer. They are often not the only inhabitants of this environment, sharing the land with local animals. Unfortunately, some of these creatures are less happy about this than others. Bears can be quite unfriendly, especially when they are hungry, so bear pepper spray should always be on hand.

While the family is away on vacation, the home is uninhabited. Adding self defense products designed for the household, such as a dummy camera and barking dog alarm, will deter anyone from breaking into the residence. When the family arrives home safe and sound, the house will be in the same shape as it was left.